Bea and Shellsea

Shellsea with Bea

Shellsea is a sterotypical highschool girl. She is known for dragging out most of her words. For example Crazy equals "Cah-rah-zayyyy" She is a pink fish with pink hair.


Shellsea is very nice girl, but since she is a fashion lover she is a bit selfish and mean. Shellsea is into football meaning she might be kind of tomboyish. She also cares a lot for her friends.



Bea and Shellsea are besties who always have each other's backs. Shellsea was very happy when Bea was crowned queen in "Queen Bea". She was also very sad when Bea wanted to be an adult fish.


Shellsea knows Oscar, but not much is known about them. She thought Oscar was sweet and gross in "Fish Sleepover Party".


Shellsea knows Milo, but they never interact. She thought Milo was sweet when he thought he was going to lose Bea, but had also thought he was gross at the beginning of "Fish Sleepover Party".


They are buddies, but they are not seen together.

Trivia Edit

  • Shellsea is known for taking "Disco Naps" which nobody know what it is.
  • Shellsea's name is a mix of the word "shell" and the name "chelsea"
  • Sheallsea is a jewelfish