the episode starts off with bea talking to her friends on her laptop.Then her mother comes in and says Bea has alot of friends and bea quickly closes her laptop and she said what does her mother want from her and her mother said i made your favorite cookies and she said "ok?"and then Bea said when are you going to let me live my life! Her mom said when shes a adult she could do anything she wants.Then Bea opens her laptop and tells shellsea to get her some shoulderpads.The next day while everyone was at the bustop Bea in her adult suit was waiting for her cab and everyone said that she was doing something they all wanted to do.Then Bea gets in her cab and goes to the city and the song starts.after the song barb gives bea some work to do and barb takes milo and oscar to a daycare.then bea goes to 12000 meetings and then milo and oscar are at the daycare which milo calls paradise and oscar goes nuts.Later bea is walking down the hall when she hears a party going on and the person that works there tells bea its pie day and then skarfs down the pie and spits the fish flakes back up ad bea starts to get sick.then she finds milo and oscar at the daycare and grabs them both and brings them to her office and says she quita and she wants to go back to being a teen and barb is surprised that she is a teen and she fires her an then mr.baldwin comes and takes the job.everyone jumps in the air like always and then at beas house she gets back on her laptop and then her mom walks back in and she shuts her laptop and instead she listens to her mom and goes to sleep.beas mom and dad are in the other room eating fish flake pie and they start to spit up the fish flakes and bea says its gross.