Bea in her normal outfit

Bea Goldfishberg is aspiring actress who dreams of being a superstar,

but for now she doesn't mind hanging out with her friends.

Personality: Friendly, caring, beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, overly dramatic

She is a cheerleader and always trys out for school plays. She is seen as a "popular" fish because she is friends with Milo and Oscar and her girlfriends. She would do anything for her buddies.


She is an apricot fish with an orange and yellow shirt.

She has red hair and always wears a star headband. She also has freckles and peach fish lips. And Bea is the same age as Milo. In Holiday Countdown, she wears the same orange and yellow shirt with a purple scarf and pink earmuffs.


Bea and Shellsea

Bea and Shellsea


Bea and Oscar are best friends and Bea doesn't seem to see him of anymore than that, so these two's status is just still at "friend," even though Oscar has a massive crush on her.


Bea and Milo are great friends, just like her and Oscar. However, Milo and Bea have lots of romantic chemistry.


Shellsea is Bea's faithful sidekick, and whenever Bea isn't with Oscar or Milo, they are probably hanging out.


Clamantha and Bea are good friends, Clamantha always has "Pearls of wisdom" to share with Bea These are pearls that she shoots out of her mouth at bea.


  • Bea's full name is Bea Goldfishberg.
  • Bea is a goldfish
  • Her name is pronounsed like Bee but if some one who dose not whach the show sees her name they often think it is pronouneced Bee-ah