Albert is the school nerd of Freshwater High

He is always picked on by Jocktopus. He is shown to be friends with Jumbo Shrimp, Milo, Bea, Finberly, and Koi. He is in the drama, map, and possibly book club. Albert is also two grades ahead explaining why he is small. He is also a jellyfish which is why you can see his brain.


Albert wears a brown shirt. In Holiday Countdown, he wears the same brown shirt and a purple scarf.


He is a very smart student possibly the smartest fish in the school. He is also nervous as shown when Mr. Muscles yelled at him and told him he has potential. He is also nice and friendly.


Bea: They have not had any interaction though they might be friends. Milo: He was seen hanging out with Milo in "Underwater Boy" meaning they are friends.

Oscar: They haven't interacted, but they know each other.

Jocktopus: They have interacted many times where Albert gets beaten up by him. It has happened in "Happy Birthday Jocktopus" and in a promo for the show.